Thursday, May 25, 2017

Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, TX

This past April my husband and I took a somewhat spur of the moment weekend trip to Austin, Texas. It was our second time there, so we revisited the places we really enjoyed eating at (Dolce Neve, Seventh Flag Coffee, Figure 8
Coffee Purveyors, and Vera Cruz All Natural Food Truck), and tried out some new places (Cenote Coffee, Voodoo Doughnuts, and Home Slice Pizza). I updated a past blog post about my favorite 10 things to do and places to eat at while in Austin over here.

When we went to Austin during this last trip, I was truly amazed by the amount of green space that Austin has. With summer temperatures in April, many people were out and about, either kayaking under the Congress bridge, riding bicycles or running along the Colorado River, picnicking and sunbathing, or visiting the surrounding gardens. One place that we hadn't visited during our first trip to Austin was the Zilker Botanical Garden. We decided to go there this time around, and it really was a serene and tranquil landscape to wander through. We slowly took our time walking through the Japanese Garden and Rose Garden, which were my personal favorites. The grounds also have other sections, including an herb garden, butterfly garden, and pre-historic garden.

Many people were out walking the gardens with their children, taking family portraits, and watching the koi fish swim by. I would recommend spending at least an hour while there, so you can see all the grounds have to offer at a leisurely pace.   


  1. Beautiful photos! It's still hard for me to believe that this is Texas :)

    1. I know! When I first moved to Texas, I was so impressed by how green it is. Then I quickly got used to the frequent thunderstorms. Haha! I would say Austin's green space is definitely prettier than Houston's.