I love learning, imagining possibilities, day dreaming and creating. I dream of traveling Europe and Canada with my husband, visiting every coffee shop in Paris and Copenhagen, eating Nutella crepes and pan au chocolate, keeping a minimalist look and lifestyle, becoming fluent in German, and reading lots of books. 

Much of my creative soul comes from growing up in Guam to a Guamanian father and German mother. They have been the influence behind my desire to grow in my Christian faith, to fall in love with traveling, to work hard, and to care for others. I am also married to Brad, who is my everything and daily encourages me to pursue the things I am most passionate for.

I began this blog in the summer of 2015 as a much needed creative outlet. Now I see it as a place where I hope to inspire others to enjoy the simple things, like reading, flowers, style and so on; to travel and learn about the world around us; and to be encouraged both spiritually and emotionally. I truly hope this space brings some inspiration or encouragement to you today. 

- Esther Pulcipher