Thursday, October 6, 2016

DIY: Minimalist Eucalyptus Wreath

Simple is best, right? Many times I like taking this approach when it comes to DIY projects. As of late, all my DIY projects have revolved around greenery and flowers, because I tend to gravitate in that direction. But sometimes at
the grocery store, I can't make up my mind on what selection of flowers to get. I end up making repeated walks up and down the aisle trying to make a decision. In those moments, when too many minutes have gone by, and my husband is still waiting with the cart full of groceries, I go for the simple option–a bundle of leafy greens. And because being resourceful is always a win in my book, I used my husband's dry cleaning hanger as the base for this wreath.


- 1 wire hanger
- 1 bundle of greenery
   I used four branches of seeded eucalyptus and some pieces from a second type of greenery (I don't
   know the name of.)
- floral wire
- scissors


STEP 1: Form the wire into a circular shape. It doesn't need to be a perfect circle.

STEP 2: Break off small sections of the eucalyptus branches and group them in three. Slightly overlap the small pieces and attach to the hanger, using the floral wire.

STEP 3: Continue to overlap and attach small bundles of eucalyptus over the previous attached bundles.

STEP 4: You want to make sure all the small bundles of eucalyptus are going in the same direction. I started on the upper right hand of the circle, and added in a clockwise direction.

STEP 5: Continue adding the eucalyptus bundles until you've reached the point you started at.

STEP 6: Using the second type of greenery, cut off smaller, single pieces. 

STEP 7: Weave the single greenery stems into the wreath. Focus on hiding any spots that show the green floral wire.  

STEP 8: Continue adding the greenery around the entire wreath. 

STEP 9: Find a spot to hang the wreath.

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