Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Year of Experiences: My 2017 Bucket List (with Eventbrite)

For someone who is a perpetual daydreamer, I am always making notes about places to visit and experiences to have. Especially since focusing on a simple and minimalist lifestyle over the past two years, I have become much
more intentional about saying no to the all too familiar shopping therapy urges, and focusing more on pursuing experiences. Whether it is a trip to a museum or the ballet, trying out a new restaurant or type of food, or discovering new places and cities, I like finding ways to create memories or learn something new. Therefore, after being asked by Eventbrite to put together my dream 2017 bucket list of experiences, I had no shortage of ideas, especially as I thought through the memories I want to create with my soon to be family of three!


  1. Make new friends by taking a language course in French and German.
  2. Learn the art of making bread by attending a class with my husband, so each week can be accompanied by a fresh loaf of bread. 
  3. Spend some time volunteering with a nonprofit organization in the area to serve others and to learn more about the needs in my community. 
  4. Travel to Canada for a babymoon, but more for the need to adventure and explore. I currently have my eyes set on Victoria or Montreal. 
  5. Visit Arizona with my husband and baby in tow, to introduce our little one to my husband's family and my best friend. 
  6. Book a winter trip to France to fulfill my Parisian dreams, to meet up with people I've connected with through the Instagram community, and to document places I've only been reading about for years now. 
  7. Spend Christmas with my family, somewhere in the mountains, where we can ski and snowboard. I've yet to learn both, but my six-year old nephew seems to have picked up snowboarding, so I'm thinking he might be able to give me some tips. ;) 

In the process of putting together my bucket list, I spent some time on the Eventbrite website to get some inspiration and an idea of local events taking place in my area. I've always wanted to take a cooking class with my husband, so it was nice to find several options using this tool. If you haven't heard of Eventbrite, it is a company that seeks to create community through an online platform that highlights local gatherings and events (both free and ticketed). I was amazed to find a variety of categories to suit different tastes and interests, whether that be adventuring and exploring the outdoors; taking a course in cooking, dance, childbirth class, or job readiness; or seeking entertainment in the arts.

Eventbrite also has online resources available for planning and managing your own event, which can be accessed by using their user friendly online registration form. I've recently come across an Instagram account that used Eventbrite to plan a photographic city tour on foot, which is something that checks off so many hobbies I enjoy. There really is a large selection of ideas and events available through this resource that are sure to provide you with memorable moments, and the opportunity to plan and create experiences for others.

*Although Eventbrite reached out to me to write this post, I didn't receive anything in return for it. I chose to write this post because I resonated with the idea of investing in experiences. 


  1. This sounds like such a great list, especially Paris!

    1. Thank you Dee! I really hope most of these things happen this year, especially going to Paris. I've only been dreaming of visiting Paris for the past three years. :)