Friday, May 5, 2017

My favorite baby/children stores

Prior to finding out I was pregnant, I kept a secret pinterest board of clothing styles for babies and young children. I quickly noticed that many of the items I was pinning all came from European brands, which tend to have that
minimal style I love, with soft textures made out of wool, linen, and organic cotton. Therefore, when I knew we were expecting our own little bundle, I wanted to maintain the pursuit for quality and ethical clothing that had that minimal look. I decided to approach my baby's wardrobe by focusing on fewer items, so I could purchase quality items, even if that meant a greater price tag. To help compensate, I did make a few trips to a few local thrift stores to purchase second hand baby items that were still in good condition. Below is a list of my current favorite children stores that sell items from a variety of quality brands, like Grey Label, Goat-Milk, 1+in the Family, and Mini Rodini.

Fog Linen Kimono onesie - Fawn and Forest, White Swaddle - Roolee, German blocks - Uncle Goose

Sweater - Zara (old), Brown bottoms - Thrifted, Lexy Pexy Croissant teether - Murray and Finn, Grey knit blanket - Mama Owl, German blocks - Uncle Goose

Shirt - Thrifted, Grey pants - Over the Ocean, German blocks - Uncle Goose, White Swaddle - Roolee, Muslin - Mama Owl

Trousers - Bien Bien, Button down shirt - Bien Bien, White Swaddle - Roolee, Lexy Plexy Croissant teether - Murray and Finn


1. Mama Owl (Based out of the UK)

For all things soft, like organic cotton, silk, or wool, this shop has been the place I keep coming back to. I really love the soft and muted colors of their swaddles and muslins, as well as their knitted blankets. I've also purchased a few organic cotton onesies and bodysuits from here.

2. Over the Ocean (Small business based out of California)

This shop has so many cute clothes from a variety of brands that feature soft and organic clothing.

3. Fawn and Forest (Small business based out of Oregon)

I like this store for quality essentials like swaddles, bassinets, Naturesutten bottles and pacifiers, and baby bath sponges. They also carry some adorable clothing pieces, toys, and furniture items.

4. Bien Bien (Based out of California)

This store tends to sale items from children's brands based out of Europe, many of which have a minimal and contemporary look. Since I am not big on clothing with bold colors, heavy graphics, or words written on them, I enjoy the classic and timeless look of many of the items in this shop. It can be pricey, but you can usually find some great deals on sale.

5. Zara

Although I wanted to stick with pure organic and wool materials, I have been unable to shy away from shopping at Zara, especially because they always come out with really cute, and affordable, dungarees. I already own three pairs of dungarees from them.

6. Thrift Stores

Buying clothing and baby items from the stores listed above can be an investment, but because I wanted to take on a more ethical approach to the clothing I was buying, it made sense to purchase fewer clothing items. However, doing this limited me to the amount of items I felt my baby might need, so instead of purchasing clothes directly from places like the Gap, Old Navy, Carter, or Target, I chose to buy those brands second hand from local thrift stores. Although it can be hit or miss, I was able to find some really great deals on a small selection of items for around $1 to $5 an item.

Rattle - Mama OwlGrey and white striped swaddle - Fawn and ForestGrey booties - Noble Carriage, White Onesie - Mama Owl, Grey Onesie - Mama Owl


  1. These are so adorable! You may have already looked into Czech toys? They make the cutest and most colorful wooden toys, and are pretty well-known in Eastern Europe for it, I think.

    1. Thank you! I haven't bought too many toys yet, because I know he won't be able to play with them until he is a bit older. But I am in love with wooden toys, so I've been saving shops that I like. I haven't looked into Czech toys yet, but I will now. :) Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. I'm definitely taking notes here! ;) If we ever have a child I feel so adamant about keeping the clothes/toys minimal but high quality. The wooden blocks especially caught my eye.
    Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm so happy and excited for you! :)

    1. Thank you Bethany! I was so excited when I found those wooden blocks! They offer them in different languages, all made in the US. I chose German in honor of my German mom. :) The other reason I feel I have to keep clothing and toys to a minimum, is because there will always be relatives and friends that will add things (sometimes more than you want) to that pile. ;)

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