Friday, April 28, 2017

Styling the baby bump: What I wore at 22 weeks

Lately my belly has become a natural magnet for my hands to rest on, especially with the many tiny kicks and movements I've been feeling from this tiny babe. I've also noticed a change in my cravings to include a lot more
tacos and salads with greek inspired toppings, like sun dried tomatoes, feta, and olives. In addition, my sweet tooth has completely returned, making it a bit more difficult to refuse pastries or those late night cravings for a chocolate milkshake or my current favorite–strawberry jam ice cream from Tiny's Milk and Cookies.

During the past two weeks I've noticed my belly has really grown, which has made me a bit self-conscious about the way I look, especially since it has further limited the pants and overalls I am able to fit. I've had to mainly rely on the same two pairs of leggings, a pair of jeggings (which are tight now), and overalls. Although I'm all for a minimalist wardrobe, and have been so content with managing one in the last two years, the reality of pants no longer fitting, and the rise in temperatures, has resulted in a small decluttering of my closet and the addition of a couple of new items.

So far I have purchased three new items. I bought this top, because it has a loose feel, leaving some room for a growing belly. I also bought this pair of linen pants. They are naturally made to be a bit more roomy and they have a drawstring. The last item I bought was a long sleeve button down cotton shirt from the thrift store. It doesn't really have the potential to fit me in the remaining months of pregnancy, but the detail was really cute, so I felt it would be nice for after the baby bump. Although I don't really wear dresses, I'm thinking of investing in one or two linen dresses from OffOn, because they are made ethically and the beauty of their dresses may be too hard to resist.

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Outfit 1: Leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), V-neck shirt (old from Urban Outfitters, similar)

Outfit 2: Jeggings (old from Madewell, similar), Gingham top (old from Anthropologie, sort of similar in maternity)

Outfit 3: Overalls (old from Zara, similar), Top (thrifted)

Outfit 4: Leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), Tunic (old from Anthropologie), Cardigan (old from Urban Outfitters, similar)

Outfit 5: Leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), Windowpane blouse (old from Urban Outfitters, similar)

Outfit 6: Natural linen pants (Not Perfect Linen), Striped shirt (old from Target, similar)

Outfit 7: Natural linen pants (Not Perfect Linen), Top (old from Anthropologie)


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  2. You are one of the most adorable pregnant mamas, sweetie pie. You are carrying and growing this child with such grace and beauty, and don't you doubt that for any second. It can be a tricky season when things are tight and no longer fit, but your body is doing what it is designed to do, and you are participating in one of the most sacred things in all the world:: growing a baby! Those are things I remind myself when I have those awkward body-image days or want to despair because nothing fits...and it also doesn't last forever. ;) In a few months (!!!!), your body will start shifting back to normal! I wish we could go eat pastry together and talk about our babies. :D

    1. If I'm ever in Nashville, I want to meet up with you. I am always encouraged by your thought process and honesty. I know we would probably be able to talk for a long time. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I know this time is just a season, and I'm really thankful for the life the Lord has entrusted to me to grow and nourish. I really can't wait to meet this little one. You're so right that carrying a baby is a gift and a special blessing, and I need to remind myself of that even more, especially when my focus begins to shift towards my own self-image. There is so much beauty in growing a child, and I need to accept that the way a woman's body changes to accommodate the little one is also a beautiful thing. I hope you and your little bun are doing well. :)