Saturday, April 1, 2017

Styling the baby bump: What I wore at 18 weeks

Every day my husband keeps telling me, in a sweet way, that my belly is getting bigger. Since I've always been insecure about my weight, it doesn't always sound so sweet to my ears, but I'm trying to appreciate that a growing
bump means a growing baby. Early next week I have an appointment for the anatomy ultrasound, and we are excited to find out the gender of our baby. In the meantime, I've slowly begun to fill a basket with neutral baby clothes, swaddles, and wooden blocks. It seems my personal aesthetic for all things minimal, neutral, simple, and classy, has had an influence on what I've been purchasing for this tiny babe.

As far as cravings, I haven't really had any. I've just been focused on consuming a nutritious diet. I've been eating mushroom spinach and feta scrambles with baked sweet potato fries and a side of garlic aioli almost every day for lunch. Frozen dried cherries is my favorite sweet snack and sometimes dessert. And grapefruit is the fruit I've been eating on repeat.

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Outfit 1: Leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), Tunic (Free People)

Outfit 2: Overalls (old from Zara, similar, similar), Striped shirt (old from Anthropologie, similar)

Outfit 3: Floral jeans (old from New York & Company), Top (old from Anthropologie, similar)

Outfit 4: Leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), Striped shirt (old from Free People, similar)

Outfit 5: Jeans (old from Madewell, similar), Striped shirt (old from Anthropologie, sort of similar)

Outfit 6: Leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), High low tunic (thrifted)

Outfit 7: Jeans (old from Madewell, similar), Windowpane blouse (old from Urban Outfitters, sort of similar)

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