Sunday, June 4, 2017

Spring thoughts and exciting news!

Spring has been full of surprises – finding out our baby is a boy(!), experiencing the tiny kicks and movements of the baby, spending a last minute weekend trip in Austin, Texas, and hearing the news that we will be moving to
Monterey, California. It seems we couldn't manage to stay away from California for too long, although I still have my hopes on someday living in the Pacific Northwest or Europe. The news has been a big blessing and answer to prayer, as we have been hoping to move out of Houston. Although we are thankful for the opportunities that living in Houston have brought, it hasn't been our ideal city to remain in. Moving to Monterey will be somewhat closer to family, and I really can't complain about living along the Pacific Coast Highway. I'm already imagining road trips to San Francisco and San Luis Obispo.

To some degree it feels a bit stressful preparing to move having just entered the third trimester, but I know I just have to take it one step at a time. There have been different moments throughout this pregnancy where I have felt stress due to symptoms I've had or uncertainty, but it's in those moments that I keep coming back to Psalm 34. I find peace in knowing that the Lord hears me when I call out to him, and that he has the power to deliver me from any fears I may have.

I'm really looking forward to this new chapter in our lives and all these changes that will grow us. Since I've never really been one to enjoy living in the same area for too long, I am excited about the change in location and scenery, and the new adventures that will come from this experience.


  1. One step at a time... I think it will be great to already be settled in a bit when you start your new family :)

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement. :) I step at a time. The biggest concern I had was finding a new doctor, but after making a few different calls, I was able to find one that I feel really comfortable about. It is a big relief to have that taken care of. :)