Thursday, June 29, 2017

Japanese Garden in Seattle

Tucked away in the Madison Park Neighborhood of Seattle is the 3.5 acre Japanese garden. It is surrounded by luscious and looming trees creating that feeling of separation from the outside world, and providing the opportunity
for a few moments of zen. By the entrance is a running stream, and as you draw nearer to the center of the garden, you are met by a large pond. As is common in Japanese gardens, koi fish and turtles can be spotted swimming in the water and near the lily pads. For a few dollars, you can purchase food to feed the koi fish. In addition, several benches outline the pond to offer visitors a place to relax and enjoy the quietness and serenity of the atmosphere.

While there, I snuck in a few pictures of my growing baby bump (30 weeks in these photos!). It was hard to resist taking photos, especially by the tree with white flowers, whose petals scattered the ground like fallen snow. Although we were there on a Sunday morning, it wasn't crowded, which offered several opportunities to take photos and made it feel as though we almost had the place to ourselves. I highly recommend visiting this place if you ever find yourself in Seattle.

*For more information about the Seattle Japanese Garden and admission rates, click here.


  1. Beautiful gardens! I love how they're so carefully manicured and curated.

    1. I really enjoyed my time there! I really liked a lot of the trees, and kept imagining which ones I would want in my dream garden. :)