Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Oregon Lavender Farm and a 31 Week Baby Bump

About a 40 minute drive east of Portland is an expansive field of purple. Every year the public is invited to the Oregon Lavender Farm to take home bundles of fresh lavender that they can pick themselves. It is $3 for a single
bundle and $5 for two bundles. With an opening time of 10am, my husband, my cousin (@wayfaringnymph), my cousin's husband, and I grabbed a quick breakfast and then made the journey from the city to the countryside. We wanted to be there as soon as they opened to beat the crowds and to fill our camera with beautiful images, but it seemed everyone else had the same idea. However, because the field of lavender was so big, it wasn't difficult to get some photos without people in the background. Although not captured in these photos, views of Mt. Hood, covered in snow, can be sighted as you arrive at the farm. In addition to picking lavender, the farm had pop up shops and food, so visitors are able to find plenty of things to do to keep busy, and to stay hydrated from the summer heat.


  1. Gorgeous photos! (and I didn't know you and Brittany were cousins - what a small world :)). I somehow never pictured a lavender farm outside of France, but this one is beautiful and I love all the green trees in the background. It must have smelled wonderful.

    1. Thank you Dee! Brittany and I grew up together for most of our childhood, but really haven't seen each other since high school, so it was so nice to hang out for a few days. :) Whenever I think of lavender farms, I also think of France. I'm still hoping to visit the lavender fields in the South of France, but for now, this was a beautiful alternative. I wasn't able to capture it, but there was also a scenic view of a mountain in the background, covered in snow. It definitely was a great experience!