Monday, November 30, 2015

DIY: Simple Christmas decor ideas

Each year I tend to purchase new Christmas decorations or ornaments, but this year I decided to opt out of it, other than the traditional purchase of one new family ornament. Instead, I've been incorporating pine branches into our
home...on the dining table, over the TV, on mirrors and antlers, in vases, and over our bed. Below are three simple ideas for how you can incorporate it into your home.

Old Christmas cards and hanging pine branches

1. Washi tape (I used a gold color one.)
2. Old Christmas cards or Christmas tags
3. Handwritten Christmas lettering
4. Twine or ribbon
5. A few branches of pine branches. (I used two different ones.)

1. Tie the branches togethers. 
2. Arrange 2 branches and 3-4 Christmas cards and hand lettering into a collage. 
3. Use washi tape to tape to the wall. 

Table display

1. 2 branches 
2. 4-5 pinecones
3. 6 candles (I like using brass candles)

1. Assemble branches by having the bottom portion of the branches face the center of the display. 
2. Place the candlesticks where you want them. 
3. Add the pinecones over branches or on the bottom of the candlesticks. 

Hanging garland

1. 3 small squares or rectangles of white paper
2. Pen
3. 4 small Christmas tree branches
4. Yarn or twine
5. Hole puncher

1. Write Christmas sayings on each piece of paper.
2. Hole punch the top two ends of each paper. 
3. String each piece of paper. 
4. Tie branches in the middle of each piece of paper. 

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