Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vlog: Misty mornings and the smell of warm coffee in the windy city of Chicago

There is something quaint, mystic, and pleasant about early mornings in the autumn season of a new place. Although wrapped in layers of blankets, the morning mist and shadows beckon me to step outside and follow the direction of
the wind. Steps heard by the crunching of leaves, the city slowly awakening, and the longing to step into a warm coffee shop all work in harmony, like musical notes found dancing on worn out music sheets.

Escape, wander, and the joy of being with the one you love. Fingers collectively held in the hands of another. Cold lips gently touching your forehead. This city has a way of making the youth of early beginnings join with the present emotions, to quicken the heartbeat into smiles and laughter, like two aged souls that have lived a lifetime together.

Chicago in the Fall from Esther Cardenas on Vimeo.

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary in the windy city of Chicago. Click here to view an earlier post with more pictures.

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