Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chicago in the fall - a weekend getaway

Big city, tall skyscrapers, the sound of trains across the tracks, pigeons fluttering along the sidewalks, and tree branches losing their remaining red and golden leaves. The air brisk and a bit more cold with the strong winds blowing. 
The warmth of a coffee shop beckoning me every block I walk. My eyes spending more time looking up than down, as this city, with old and modern buildings, capture my gaze and attention. Somehow the pedestrian chatter, constant honking of the cars, and the rattling of the bridges, have created an orchestra of excitement, busyness, leisure, and life. Chicago in the fall is a magical experience. 

Our favorite places: 

1. Toni's Patisserie and Cafe - I recommend their Lorraine Quiche.

2. Millenium Park - Offers great views of the city, the Chicago Bean, a large Christmas tree, and an ice skating rink. 

3. Le Pain Quotidien - I recommend their quiche, spiced cider, and corn chowder. 

4. Bowtruss Coffee 

5. Doughnut Vault - Their Old Fashion flavor was my favorite. 

6. UB Dogs - For some really amazing Chicago hot dogs. 

7. Lula Cafe - Great lunch spot.

8. Humboldt Park 

9. Bang Bang Pie Shop - Simply amazing pie! We had their Key Lime pie and Caramel Apple Rosemary pie. 

10. Walking around the University of Chicago's campus. - If I knew about this school, I'd probably have applied. It felt like a castle. :)

11. Rockefeller Chapel - It felt so glorious inside. 

12. Heritage Outpost - The cutest coffee shop I've ever been to. I recommend their lavender latte. 

13. Willis Tower - Although I didn't enjoy paying $20, it was a pretty amazing view of the city. 

14. Lincoln Park and Zoo - Since when is a zoo free to get into?! 

15. C.C. Ferns - Another cute coffee shop and they serve donuts from Doughnut Vault


  1. I explored Chicago for a day a few years ago, and it wasn't nearly long enough to feel like you could see/do/eat everything! This looks like such a fun I want to go back. :D

    1. It really was so much fun! We really wanted to go somewhere cold, because everywhere we've lived has been sunny and warm. We spent five days there, which gave us plenty of time to explore. I haven't been to too many different cities in the U.S., so my experiences are limited. Nevertheless, I still think Chicago is probably the best city I've visited, alongside Portland. :) But I hear your city and New York are also supposed to be incredible. They're on my list of U.S. cities to visit. :)