Thursday, August 20, 2015

Scents of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg whisper for fall to arrive.

Living in San Diego, I used to wish for rainy days. Call me moody, but I find so much inspiration from listening to the rain hit the ground. It has a way of both soothing and breathing life into the soul. Since moving to Houston, I’ve experienced quite a few thunderstorms. The clouds here have a way of 
dropping tons of water and I’m finding that my home is not completely fond of it. Let’s just say that a few areas are prone to flooding. It’s a bit unfortunate and there seems to be nothing I can do except to wait for the Houston heat to quickly arrive and dry it up or place sand bags to prevent the water from seeping through. But I really can’t complain, because rain also has a magical way of temporarily making fall appear. 

Just like rain, I love fall weather. So naturally I had to bake something with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. I quickly scrolled through my pinterest food board and decided Cinnamon Vanilla Donuts were perfect. These circles of delight were made with freshly grated nutmeg and vanilla. As they baked, they quickly filled the kitchen with a sweet aroma of all things good and perfect. After baking, I brushed them with butter and dipped them in cinnamon sugar. Pair them with an Americano and you’ll feel like fall is right outside your window. 

Click here to get the recipe from Top With Cinnamon. 

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