Monday, August 31, 2015

A neutral pallet and the addition of linen

Linen has quickly become my new favorite fabric. It has a romantic touch, like I should be running through a field of flowers along the countryside of France or walking through an orchard picking apples to make
a delicious dessert. Even though I've never been to France or in a field of flowers up to my elbows, or even in an orchard, that is where my imagination goes.

Over the last few months my closet has undergone a lot of change as I have been transitioning into a more minimalist look. Pops of color have slowly made their way out, and black, grey, white, blue, and stripes have become my staples and everyday look. 

I understand the seasons can inspire what colors and textures are worn, but I feel I am the opposite and am quickly bored by strong hues or vibrant patterns. Even my home has become a neutral pallet of grey, black, white, textures of wood, and hints of gold. I think I see a blank canvas in the neutrals. It's not distracting, but inspires a sense of creativity and discovery. For example, when I wear chambray I feel like I could be walking down the cobblestone paths at Rothenburg, Germany with ice cream in hand.  When I wear stripes, I imagine sitting on a rooftop with the view of the Eiffel Tower, journal in hand and a glass of rose. And when I'm in a pair of black skinnies and a warm sweater, I find that a coffee shop with lots of natural light, window seating, and a warm latte is a perfect experience. 

Maybe all of this sounds a little too absurd, but for some reason, clothing has a way of giving me inspiration, confidence, and motivation. So even if I have no where to go, I find that wearing something cute and simple is enough to motivate me to read about European history, learn a new language, try a new recipe, pick up a new hobby, or write. 

But getting back to linen and cleaning out my closet, I have been searching for a white or cream linen shirt and tunic. And since I am fixated on keeping fewer items, it takes a while before I commit to purchasing my next item. So after browsing the web for weeks, I finally found this simple and feminine, linen top from Zara. It is lightweight, which is necessary in this Houston heat, but sturdy enough to last for some time. It's definitely a keeper and I've already taken it on one adventure, to a new and maybe my favorite coffee shop in Houston. :)

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