Sunday, March 19, 2017

Styling the baby bump: What I wore at 16 weeks

I have just entered seventeen weeks and am officially counting down to the half way mark. Some days I feel this is going by quickly and other days I still can't believe I haven't hit 20 weeks yet. With this being my third pregnancy
style post (I didn't document the 15th week out of pure laziness), you'll probably have noticed many of the same pieces. I haven't really referred to it as a capsule wardrobe simply because my over all wardrobe isn't seasonal. Since I haven't lived anywhere where the four seasons is something to prepare for, my outfits have to work year round, except for a few sweaters and turtlenecks that I have for cold days. Many of my outfits will have links to similar styles mainly due to having these pieces for over a year or two, making these items out of stock. But whenever I do add a new addition to my closet, I'll be sure to post the exact link in case it is something that interests you. I currently have my mind thinking about linen drawstring pants, because I'm sure the extra growing room will be nice, and a simple linen dress, because I'm dreading the summer months in the humidity of Texas.


Outfit 1: Leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), Windowpane blouse (old from Urban Outfitters, similar)

Outfit 2: Leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), Cable sweater (old from Forever 21, similar)

Outfit 3: Pilcro pants (old from Anthropologie), Sweater (old from Forever 21, similar)

Outfit 4: Jeans (old from Madewell, similar), T-shirt (old from Madewell), Cardigan (old from Urban Outfitters, similar)

Outfit 5: Overalls (old from Zara, similar), Striped shirt (old from Free People, similar)

Outfit 6: Vegan leather leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), Tunic (Free People), Cardigan (old from Urban Outfitters, similar)

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