Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Cardenas Family - A family photo session in San Diego

Last week I made a quick, 48 hour trip to San Diego where I got to take photos of my brother's family. We drove to a nearby park, as the sun was setting, to capture a few pictures. Since this was my first "official" family photo
session, I thought I'd share a few moments I captured and talk a little bit about what I learned.

Going into the photoshoot, I knew my nephews would probably be unable to focus for too long. They're very energetic and more interested in looking for sticks and rocks. :) Therefore, I knew I needed to use their attention in the beginning to get family photos of them all looking into the camera. But I didn't think that goal would make me forget to capture more candid moments of them all.

Looking back, I think it would have been easier for the children if I would have created a balance of taking some photos with them looking at the camera and some photos of them interacting with each other. I personally prefer photos of people interacting with each other, because I think you're able to see their personalities and relationship come to life a bit more.

Secondly, I should have been more aware of how quickly the sun was setting. I had anticipated having more light to work with, but it went away fairly quickly, giving me about thirty minutes to really work with. Despite these two personal critiques, I am happy with how these pictures turned out. The result makes me excited about becoming more active in taking family portraits.

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