Thursday, November 10, 2016

DIY: Autumn Inspired Flower Crown

Although the season of autumn had a calendar date of Thursday, September 22, it seemed it was a bit at war with summer, who felt it was the more superior child. So instead of switching out my wardrobe for those long desired
cozy sweaters and boots, I waited rather impatiently. I watched as the leaves transformed into a golden hue, with a splendid glow in the sunlight, and observed the ground as the tide of fallen leaves continued to cover the green grass. In my kitchen, I'd celebrate the warm notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, as they coated apple desserts baking in the oven. And in the evenings, after a candlelit dinner and a belly of contentment, I'd sit in the corner of the couch with a book opened before me, or snuggled closely with my love as we watched TV.

But finally, at the start of this week, the weather shifted a bit. A coverage of clouds stayed throughout the day, a cool breeze pricked the hairs on my arm, and I finally got to pull out my comfy sweaters. I know in several parts of the world, autumn is beginning to shift into cold winter days, but since it is still autumn over here (finally!), I made an autumn inspired floral crown. It's minimal, with the simple combination of greenery and burgundy red flowers.


- A few stems of seeded eucalyptus
- About 3-4 stems of small burgundy flowers (The stems I used had around 4-6 flowers on them.)
- A long piece of twine
- Floral wire
- Floral tape
- Scissors


Step 1: 

Place the twine around your head to get an idea of how long to make it. You'll want to cut it about 6-8 inches longer than the circumference of your head.

Step 2: 

Cut a piece of floral wire that is 6-8 inches shorter than the piece of twine. Use floral tape to attach the floral wire to the twine. You'll need to center the wire on the twine before wrapping it tightly with floral tape.

Step 3: 

Create mini bouquets of flowers and eucalyptus using the floral tape.

Step 4: 

Beginning at one end of the floral crown (marked by the start of the floral tape), attach the first mini bouquet with floral tape.

Step 5: 

Continue to add the mini bouquets by slightly overlapping them.

Step 6: 

Continue to add mini bouquets until you reach the opposite end of the floral crown (marked by the floral tape).

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