Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My obsession with cloudy days

Cloudy days are my favorite days, especially the few moments before the sky makes its decision to pour. The overcast of grey provides a neutrality that highlights the textures and colors of the landscape below. Brick walls become much
starker, the rattle of leaves echo a little louder, flower petals appear softer, and everything feels a bit more calm. Then the sky begins to pour, sometimes delicately and other times boastfully. People are seen rushing indoors or taking cover under a temporary roof.

The rain has quite poetically created a safe haven for community and sometimes an otherwise unplanned moment to pause. Strangers now have something to bond over, and that hot cup of coffee is a bit more pleasurable. These days feed my introspective spirit and quench my thirst for reflection, observation, and slowness. I no longer feel as though I need to seize the day, because all I want to do is enjoy the moments it gives for quiet tasks, such as the boiling of hot water for a cup of coffee, the heating of the oven for a loaf of banana chocolate bread, a game of scrabble just because, episodes of House Hunters International, because it's a perfect chance to daydream of life abroad, and an extra blanket or two to stay cuddled in throughout the morning and into the evening. I guess I like the reminder to take it slow, because not everyday needs to be spent feeling overly productive. Some days are meant to be slowly enjoyed.

*Photos taken at Catalina Coffee in Houston, Texas.

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