Sunday, September 20, 2015

Is Pinterest your #1 go to for recipes?

Does Pinterest act like an organized wish list board of boards for you? It does for me. My style board provides structure for what clothes I buy. My travel board contains all the places I dream of visiting. Even my "Capturing Moments in Time" board is a wish list of experiences. In the same way, my recipe board is
a wish list of recipes I would like to try or have tried. It contains 171 recipes (as of today, which will probably change by tonight). Whenever I try a recipe and it doesn't work out, it gets deleted. I also have this thing for pretty pictures, so I mainly pin food that looks good in the photo. It makes me think it will guarantee it's going to taste good. 

I often wonder how many pinned recipes ever get made and how many remain there. I once heard someone comment on how people don't make half the recipes they ever pin. I don't know about you, but as an amateur cook, I depend on Pinterest as my cyber cookbook that doesn't cost money, but is always providing new recipes. I decided to take a quick inventory of the current recipes on my board and count how many I've made and how many I haven't made. I  recently watched Julie and Julia for maybe the tenth time, so there's a small chance this post is inspired by the main character's goal in completing every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook. In a way, I find my Pinterest food board as my challenge. I'm in no way putting myself up to the challenge of making every single recipe within the year or half year (since there aren't too many), but I am challenging myself to explore as many new recipes as I can. 

So, how many Pinterest recipes have you made? 

I've made a total of 50 from the current list and am expecting to make more next week! So maybe I'm not quite half way there, but I still think 50 is pretty decent. And I'm planning on increasing that number as I continue on my journey of becoming a good cook. Who knows, maybe one day I'll create my own recipes! Or maybe I'll continue to enjoy the recipes of those who know what they're doing. :)

Listed below are some of the new recipes I've made lately that have not been nixed from my Pinterest board. :) 

1. Cinnamon Rolls by I heart Nap Time
These were recommended by the Treasures and Travels Blog. I made them today and they are so yummy!

2. Fish and Chips by Anne Burell

3. Italian Braised Short Ribs by Williams and Sonoma

4. Brown Butter Lobster, Sweet Corn, and Fontina Risotto by Half Baked Harvest
I've made the Risotto without Fontina and it was still ready good. I'm planning on making the risotto again this week. 

5. Creamy Tomato Parmesan Linguine with Peas and Prosciutto by Parsley Sage Sweet
This is an every other week meal for me. It's so simple and so good! It is now considered my go to when I'm in the need of comfort food. 


  1. I will pin this, ironic, but I like it! Cute post!- Jovanna Penney