Friday, July 24, 2015

Closing one book to open up a new adventure

I’ve always been a romantic and daydreamer with records of thoughts that have all conjured up a whimsical adventure. As a child, it may have been used as an immediate escape from the struggles in the current life or
a desire for something bigger than the goals I was currently pursuing.

In high school, shows like Passport to Europe would inspire 30 minute “nap” times or breaks consisting of laying on the couch, closing my eyes, and dreaming up my next big adventure in some new city or country. I’ve always had a spirit to explore and staying anywhere for too long felt like a trap from seeing the world through a different lens. Maybe it’s because living in the same area feels like a book that never ends or like placing a bookmark in a book that is no longer interesting. 

I’ve moved a few times now (Hawaii to Guam, Guam to California, and Torrance, CA to San Diego, CA). On Monday, I began my fourth move, California to Texas. I’ve noticed my emotions follow the same pattern. Before arriving to the new destination, my heart is leaping with imagination and excitement. So much joy is felt for this new adventure and new things to see and experience. But then the arrival period hits, and you realize how scary the unknown feels. Uncertainty and doubt start to creep in and quickly consume the feelings of adventure and then the third phase begins…I don’t really know how to describe it, because i’m still waiting for it to really make its appearance, but I think the third (transition) phase is the longest phase, because it’s difficult to fully judge when you’ve made the transition. The thing about dreaming up your next big adventure is that you can’t control the progress of that adventure, you can only make choices during the progress. 

Although I have peace and know this move was the right move, I have only just begun the process of transitioning into this new adventure. So for now, I will be focusing on the choices I make during this new journey and I hope it turns out to be one exciting book. :) 

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