Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cafe Madeleine - South Park, San Diego

Cafe Madeleine happens to be my favorite cafe in San Diego. It makes you feel like you could possibly be in another maybe Paris. ;) I've never been to Paris, but I love going here and pretending I am. Every time I visit,
I am reminded to take a break from what can often be a hectic life and enjoy the company I'm with. Do you have a similar place? I think it's so important to be able to take time to be in the moment, to process through life's up's and down's, to dream up your next big adventure, and to support the people you care about.

This last weekend my husband and I were talking through some of our dreams. I had recently quit my job and was on the pursuit of something more creative. He was listing all the reasons why he hoped he would be offered a position in Houston, TX. There we were...both unsure of the future and hoping for the next big thing. I treasure those moments of processing and listening, being honest about true thoughts and feelings, hopes and desires. Sometimes I think it's scary to dream, because settling for what seems fine, often is a safer and more controllable decision. But I think we have to remember that it's okay to dream and take risks. When we don't, we continue to live life in the "what if's". 

Side note: A few days after our trip here, my husband was offered the job in Houston! Now all I need is a cafe like this in Houston. ;) 

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