Thursday, September 8, 2016

DIY: Green and White Floral Garland

It has been a while since I've posted a DIY post, so I thought I'd kick off September with some floral inspiration. I find that you can never fail with a simple green and white floral garland. It must be noted that the flowers will last
just for a day, so if you're thinking of making this as a backdrop for a dessert table or party decor, just make sure you make it the day of.


- 1-2 nails
- Scissors
- Twine
- A medium sized branch
- 10 stems of greenery (I just picked out a bouquet of greenery at the store. It had 3 different types of greenery.)
- A dozen white roses


1. Cut a piece of twine about 3 feet and tie the ends to the ends of the branch.

2. Clip the leaves off the rose stems. Try to keep each set of leaves attached together as you clip them off.

3. Cut a piece of twine about 5 1/2 ft. Tie the rose leaves to the twine.

4. Cut the stems off the roses, leaving about 1-2 inches.

5. Cut a piece of twine, about 5 ft long, and add 6-7 rose heads to it.

6. Cut an additional piece of twine, about 4 ft long and tie the remaining rose heads to it.

7. Select one type of greenery and tie it to the branch using twine.

8. For the remaining greenery, create various lengths by attaching two stems together.

9. Place the nails in the wall, where you wish to hang the garland.

10. Hang the branch.

11. Attach the greenery to the branch using the twine.

12. Drape the rose leaves over the branch. I cut the twine of the rose leaves to add some to another section of the branch.

13. Drape the roses over the branch.

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