Sunday, May 22, 2016

Peonies and lace

I've been swooning over the mass of instagram photos flooding my feed with delicate magnolia branches, lilacs in mason jars, vibrant pink cherry blossoms, and handpicked wildflower bouquets. They've quickly over populated the
standard coffee shop scenes of that perfect latte art and crumbly croissant. Of course I'll never tire of those photos, just like I'll never tire of blooms. It's amazing how something so natural brings forth so much life, beauty, and happiness.

Now if only I had my own garden filled with lilacs and peonies, or a walkway with cherry blossoms creating a aisle of pink confetti. Instead I must rely on Instagram for those images. But thankfully, my recent stop at Whole Foods had the daintiest bouquets of five peony stems in the softest blush color.

An hour after I got home and had them placed into a vase, they already began coming to a full and open bloom, as though they were making themselves right at home. Naturally, I had to document them, and what better way to do so than with my favorite Free People lace top.

What are your favorite spring blooms?