Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A cabin in the forest - Lake Arrowhead, California

The car weaved left and right, as it followed the curvature of the winding road, up the mountain and through the forest to a green roofed cabin. We each stepped out of the car, the 50 degree air feeling fresh and cold against our
skin. Pushing in the wooden door, the high pitched squeals and laughter of my nephews and niece darted in and around the corners of the home. Shortly after settling into our cabin at Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins, the fog outside slowly began to cover and engulf the trees, creating a dark and misty cloud as the night sky rested. The quietness of the night droned out the few cars driving by, creating an overwhelming sense of peace and relaxation.

While calling it in for the evening, the cold draft from the open window fought to balance the warmth from the heater. Periodic stirs through the night were quickly blamed on the sound of the rain, only to end in remorse at the morning site of a fresh layer of snow blanketing the earth.

Before the snow blended into the ground, our footprints softly outlined a path and tiny hands picked up as much snow as they could hold, forming lopsided circles to throw in a three minute snowball fight.

By midday, the snow was completely melted, the ground darkened by the melted ice, and our footprints no longer visible.

And just like the evening before, the fog slowly crept in, creating a magical, "Lord of the Rings" backdrop to a whimsical wedding in the woods. We gathered with family, as we danced under the strings of yellow lights, beneath the tall and looming trees.

What is it about the mountains that sends us cascading through feelings of escape, freedom, quietness, relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation? It's as though it holds some sort of power that instantly floods us with all the feel good emotions, causing us to thank the expansive distance between us and the busy world below. And although some of my time relaxing was briefly interrupted by altitude sickness, it was a perfect few days staying warm by the fire, walking in the cold fresh air, dancing and celebrating with loved ones, and sharing lots of laughs with my darling niece and nephews.

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