Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Boston window scenes

The scenery of architecture in Boston was so incredible to me that I found myself drawn to its city views from various window locations, such as at a metro stop, in the library, our hotel room, and a bookstore. There was never a
shortage of red brick and the older buildings always seemed to stand out even more against the shininess and modernity of the tall sky scrapers. It was for this reason that made the city feel so unique and full of character. To be honest, it was the closest US city that made me feel like I was overseas.

One of my favorite locations in Boston was the Boston Public Library. The main entrance is directly across from Trinity Church, making views from the windows along the McKim room utterly breathtaking.

The two windows along the staircase going up into the McKim room overlook the courtyard, which is surrounded by high arches and cafe tables and chairs. This view almost makes you believe you are in a palace instead of a library.

This window catches a glimpse of the quaint neighborhood of Beacon Hill from the Charles/MGH metro stop. To the left of this brick building is a row of cute store fronts aligning both sides of the street.

This is the view from our hotel window on a rainy early morning. Our hotel was located near MIT's campus, with metro stations directly behind the hotel.

One our first day, we ventured to a used book shop a couple blocks away from Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden. In an open space, between buildings covered in bricks, are rows of shelves lined with books. Inside the building are three floors containing more books, as well as a floor containing old books and rare finds. 

These photos provide just a small glimpse of Boston. In the meantime, I am editing more photos, so you can catch a better perspective of what I mean when I say how charming and picturesque of a place this city is. 


  1. What a beautiful idea to capture the city through windows!
    x Kathi

    1. Thank you Kathi! It all started when I was in a bookstore and then again when I was in the library, looking out their narrow windows. I loved the way the city looked, so I kept trying to find other opportunities that stuck out to me.

  2. Boston is a very historical city, I bet the architecture is amazing. I love traveling to new cities and seeing architecture from any period of time. It is like artwork, every building is made with care and reflects that period in time. I would love to check out Boston sometime with my girlfriend as a vacation. I want to experience what Boston is like.

    Franklin Stewart @ Muller Exteriors

    1. Boston is really amazing! It is one of those cities in the U.S. that I feel is a must to visit. There is definitely so much history and the architecture is really impressive, especially in the Back Bay and Beacon Hill area. I hope you and your girlfriend get to travel there. The food is also incredible! :)