Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A morning ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge and a short video

My husband asked to sleep in, but I asked for moody ocean views, so instead, we woke up at 5:30am, and headed down to the ferry landing for an early boarding time. We made our way onto the top deck to enjoy the ocean wind
and distancing view of downtown Seattle. At one point we were surrounded by a thick layer of fog and nothing could be spotted. As we drew nearer to Bainbridge Island, the fog began to clear up a bit, creating this beautiful cover over the treetops on the island.

A quaint and nautical scene of sailboats provided a welcoming aura as we docked and headed into the village. We took our time walking along the waterfront trail before heading into the ivy adorned coffee shop, Pegasus, for some warmth and breakfast. After a light breakfast, we headed over to the shopping area, which wasn't open yet, so we made our way back to the dock to catch the 10am ferry ride back to Seattle. If we weren't in a hurry to check out of our hotel and make our train ride to Portland, we would have stuck around a little more to explore the quaint shops, but I'd like to think that it just gives us a reason to return.

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