Friday, February 24, 2017

Styling the baby bump: What I wore at 13 weeks

One of my biggest concerns when I found out I was pregnant was how to incorporate my minimalist wardrobe alongside a growing belly, and how to do so without relying on maternity clothes. The truth is, I know there is a
likelihood that in the third trimester I'll probably give up and rely on a few maternity pieces, but my goal is to avoid them for as long as possible, or otherwise limit them. My reasoning is that I'll only be needing those clothing items for a few months, and I'd rather use the money on items I'll wear post pregnancy.

Since this is my first pregnancy, I didn't know what to expect as far as when I'd start showing. It really wasn't until into my thirteenth week, which just ended yesterday, that my jeans began to feel tight around my waist. Throughout my first trimester, I dealt with a lot of morning sickness, which left me feeling quite uncomfortable throughout the day. Because of this, I tended to stick with looser clothing items, like leggings and overalls. I've shared a few iphone pics below of some of the outfits I wore during the thirteenth week. My goal is to create a sort of minimalist wardrobe baby bump update each week. I'll work on having better photos taken in future posts, so you can see the entire outfit.

Outfit 2: Brown pilcro pants (old from Anthropologie, similar), White Sleeveless Top (old from Anthropologie), Cardigan (old from Urban Outfitters, similar)

Outfit 3: Leggings (Anthropologie), Striped shirt (old from Anthropologie)

Outfit 4: Leggings (old from Anthropologie, similar), Blouse (old from Urban Outfitters, similar)

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