Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lattes and Layers Christmas Gift Guide

With the holidays here, I've been searching for gifts in the hopes that maybe this year I won't succumb to the procrastination I often find myself in. I've definitely been guilty of combing the aisles of department stores on
Christmas Eve. It's not that I usually procrastinate, but I've just found that shopping for others can sometimes be an ordeal, especially when you're on a budget. Over the past two years, my husband and I have made the task easier on each other by swapping our Christmas lists, so we have some sort of guideline for what to get each other. We both like the element of surprise, so we don't always stick exactly to the list. But what I've realized is that lists can be very helpful, as well as a person's Pinterest board. I think this is why gift guides are rampant during this time of year. It's like a means of assistance, guidance, and help for the struggling shopper.

Therefore, I have decided to contribute my own Christmas Gift Guide. It is inspired by the concept of slow living, which is a term I picked up from Instagram. It has really resonated with me over the last year and a half, as it has caused me to become more intentional, to appreciate quality, to enjoy the simple things, and to take the time to create and learn. In translating this concept into a holiday gift guide, I identified scents, textures, and flavors that I feel evoke a sense of calm, intentionality, and appreciation for the little things.


1. Tea Strainer

A cute tea strainer to accompany those morning and afternoon tea rituals.

2. Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder for a coffee connoisseur or a person who loves pour overs.

3. Coffee

I always find coffee to be a great gift, whether it's a gift card to a cafe or locally roasted coffee beans.

4. Linen Kitchen Towel

I've become a linen addict, if that's a thing. I think the material is great, as it has a rustic and neutral look to it, and dries quickly.

5. Linen Apron

This is the perfect gift for an aspiring baker, cook, or someone who just loves being in the kitchen.

5. Linen Bread Bags

Just about everyone loves bread, and these bags are meant to keep homemade bread fresh for a few days. They are also cute and simple and can be used for picnics.

6. French Market Basket

A cute basket for the person who loves beaches, going on picnics, or shopping at the farmer's market.

7. Beeswax taper candles

The light scent of honey to bring peace and calm to any home.

8. A good book, such as Jane Eyre, All the Light We Cannot See, or Present Over Perfect

I think a good book works for everyone, but especially for those you know who love to read.

9. Savon de Marseille Soap

Something simple, but cute and practical.

10. Something homemade

Sometimes it can get expensive to purchase gifts, especially if there is a long list of people. A homemade gift can be simple and thoughtful. Some ideas include: Beeswax lip balm, Christmas cookies (I love this recipe! I substitute the pecans for almonds.), or White chocolate peppermint pretzels (I made these one year, packaged them in mason jars, and sent them to relatives.).

Is slow living something that has also resonated with you? 
What types of items would you add to this list? 


  1. I'll take everything on your list, please. ;)

    1. Me too! :) I've clearly gotten on the linen bandwagon. Haha!

  2. Wow fantastic list! I love simple and practical gifts; they always get used and are constant reminders of the gift giver.

    1. Thanks Annie! I agree! And I love when practical items look pretty. :)

  3. Great list, except I want everything for myself ;-) especially the candles and linen kitchen towels. Really love your pictures!

    1. Haha! You should send the list to your husband as a hint. ;) I definitely asked my husband for linen kitchen towels for Christmas!