Monday, June 6, 2016

My Top 5 Favorite Houston Coffee Shops

What is the secret that coffee shops use to lure us into their glass doors and cause us to make weekend plans with them in mind? Is it the mellow indie folk or jazz music playing a volume under conversational tone, or the smell of
the freshly ground coffee beans and black americanos, or perhaps the interior design combination of exposed brick, edison light bulbs, and wooden tables? Do you ever find you're quick to choose your favorites based on the quality of the coffee, the latte art, and the interior design? If so, then we have something in common. In fact, whenever planning a trip away, the first item on my list is identifying the good coffee shops to visit. After living in Houston, Texas for almost a year, I thought I'd share my top 5 favorite Houston coffee shops, just in case you happen to make Houston one of your travel stops.


This is one of the larger coffee shops, with a very good selection of pastries and breakfast items. They also have a big case filled with a variety of macaroons. I usually go for a perfectly warmed up chocolate croissant and latte, but their sausage and cheese croissant is also very tasty. 

Although this cafe has a smaller interior, there is still a lot of seating to meet the needs of the ongoing foot traffic. There are a few tables outside, but they usually get snatched up pretty quickly, especially when the weather is nice outside. My breakfast of choice here is a cinnamon roll and latte. 

This isn't exactly a coffee shop, but they do have a bright interior with high ceilings and they make amazing beignets that come with a delicious sweet coffee anglaise. I order this every time I go. I've been told that this place can get really busy, but it's usually quiet around 7am to 9am on Saturday mornings, which is usually when I go. However, if you're planning on ordering beignets, it's best to come around 9am. I was so disappointed when I arrived at 7am, only to be told they weren't readily available. They also make a really tasty cappuccino. 


This cafe is always busy with students, friends who are meeting up, couples on dates, or young families making a quick stop during their morning stroll. My breakfast item of choice is their breakfast taco, with the addition of avocado and bacon, paired with a latte. 

This downtown cafe knows how to grab your attention with an exterior lined with cafe chairs and round wooden tables, giving off a bit of a Parisian flair. Their interior is also amazing with a dark floral accent wall, high ceilings, and marble topped tables. It's a perfect brunch spot for a late start to your Saturday morning (they don't open until 10am on Saturdays). They also serve a very tasty french toast with bacon and banana foster.

What things are sure to lure you into a coffee shop? 

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