Saturday, January 9, 2016

DIY: Winter floral arrangement

The scent of eucalyptus has become a desired weekly aroma in my home. It is ascetically pleasing to the eye and usually comes in affordable, big bouquets, which means a lot of greenery spread through out my space.
I was inspired by a few wintry floral arrangements on pinterest and set out to find florals in deep purple and pearly white, but I wanted the foundation to be rich in the textures of eucalyptus. Below are the steps for how I achieved this simple, elegant, and wintry bouquet.

Step 1: Pick out your florals.
- 1 bouquet of assorted eucalyptus
- 1 bouquet of large purple flowers (I think mine were kale and they came in a stock of 3)
- 1 bouquet of baby's breath or something similar
- 1 bouquet of really light pink flowers

Step 2: Place three of the large flowers into the vase.

Step 3: Add a few pieces of eucalyptus branches (about 3-4).

Step 4: Begin to add some of the baby's breath between the large flowers and eucalyptus (about 4-5).

Step 5: Add the light pink flowers (about 4-5 stems).

Step 6: Turn the vase slowly and begin to add a few more eucalyptus branches and stems of baby's breath.

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