Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Declutter and simplify

During each season, I find it important to spend some time decluttering. We shouldn't have to wait for spring cleaning to come around. I naturally tend to get rid of things monthly, sometimes every other week, because I begin
to feel overwhelmed when there is so much stuff.

Sometimes decluttering can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of stuff. I save the full on decluttering for when I move and during the holidays. But I go through mini, seasonal, and sometimes monthly decluttering sessions by doing the following:
  1. Begin with your closet. Remove clothing you don't wear or don't really like. This includes hats, scarves, and shoes. 
  2. Do a quick walk through of your home and remove any decor items that you don't love or don't use (i.e. frames, candles that no longer stay lit, and figurines or trinkets that have little meaning, etc.).
  3. Look at your bookshelves and remove books you know you'll never use or read, like old diet books, textbooks, cookbooks, etc. These can take up unnecessary space on your shelf, in your storage, or add lots of weight to moving boxes. 
  4. Now it's time to go through the mugs in your kitchen. It can be so easy to collect these throughout the year and I confess that I am definitely due for another sweep through of mine. If you do find a new mug that you really want, consider getting rid of an old one. 

And that's it! Just those five areas. I realize this will be a greater task for those who may have more, but by doing this often, it can become a quicker task. 

The next step is to simplify. This is where you take the time to reflect on the new space you created and decide on whether you would like to keep it that way or if there are items you really need that should occupy that new space. But mainly enjoy the new space you created and set boundaries for how that space gets used. For example, if I purchase new clothes, I make sure there is room in my closet for them. If I don't feel like my clothes have enough breathing room, I begin to take out items I don't really need or like, and I get rid of them.

The nice thing about decluttering, other than having a more simplified house, is you can sometimes make some money from it. I've been using eBay, which has resulted in some extra cash that I've been able to save up for some quality clothing and home goods I've had my eye on. Secondly, by living with less, it means there is less to clean! :) 


  1. Two years ago, I started living a minimalist lifestyle. I always have this feeling that i need to give away more stuff. I love giving my unneeded possessions to those in need. I love having everything organized in my apartment. I really like how you organized your closet. Thanks for the advice and tips. I need a constant reminder because I am always tempted to buy something new. Please keep posting interesting blog, I truly enjoy reading them.

    1. I am always tempted to buy something new as well. I think it's normal for us to struggle with feeling like what we have isn't enough. After getting married, I remember I wanted to buy so many things, because I finally had a home that I had complete decorating control over. But each time we moved (2 times now), I couldn't believe how much stuff we had acquired. It kept feeling like the boxes would never stop entering the moving truck. Since then (about a few months ago) I have completely changed my mentality and have bought into the need for simplicity and keeping it minimal. I think my fear has always been that a minimalist lifestyle meant you couldn't have nice things or a pretty place, but that's definitely a myth. A minimalist lifestyle can totally be creative and beautiful. I appreciate you reading my posts and thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback. It is very encouraging to me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

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